Q:  I can't find the KB Quest Red (or Violet, Orange, etc.) Booster anywhere!  Is it out of print?
A:  No, it is not out of print.  We recently had most of the KB Quest line reprinted and they are now becoming available online and in stores.  We will have them available for purchase on our site very soon, and the Starter and Boosters are also available on Amazon already.

Q: Did I get a card from a different game in my Killer Bunnies deck?
A: If that strange card inside your game has a black border on it, that card is a promo card for another game!  It is a limited edition card many fans like to collect. 

These cards are actually a bonus for you!  The cards for KB Quest, KB Conquest and/or Psychic Penguins are promo cards that can either be added to those games, or saved as collector’s items.  You can usually identify promo cards by their black borders (as opposed to the white borders that you’ll find on the rest of your cards).  A blank (plain white) card is a “Bunny Blank.”  These cards allow you to design your own KB  cards, to add something truly unique to your game.  You can draw right on the card provided, or you can print a sticker to apply to the card using a template found here.

If you want to add even more original cards to your game, you can also purchase packs of additional Bunny Blanks right off our website.

Q: I lost the rules to my Playroom Entertainment game.  How can I find out how to play the game?
A: Instructions for our games can be found on the Game Instructions page.

Q: What happened to the Store Locator on the site?
A: Our server has discontinued this feature on our web site.  To find a store near you that offers Playroom Entertainment games, please email us or contact us.
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