Killer Bunnies

With multiple game titles under its brand, international editions, apparel and other licenses, Killer Bunnies has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that has rapidly achieved cult-classic status.  

Published in 2002, Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot (KB Quest) was the first title under the brand name, appealing to players with its non-collectible card game draw, funny and non-violent graphics, and riotous parodies and pop-culture spoofs.  People of all ages and genders enjoy playing the game with family and friends and the edgy brand’s popularity has quickly been spread by word-of-mouth referrals.   

KinderBunnies was introduced as a follow-up junior edition to KB Quest in 2005, and three years later, Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter (KB Jupiter) was released, introducing a whole new galaxy of fun to the KB brand.  2010 marked the release of Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey (KB Odyssey), a new non-collectible, constructible card game which allows players to build their own deck.  In 2013, Killer Bunnies Heroes vs. Villains joined the KB family with a whole new world of mechanics, characters, cards and more. 

The quirky madness and zany fun of Killer Bunnies keeps going and going!  Visit or click here to learn more about each game!

Killer Bunnies News!

KB Heroes vs. Villains is now available!  See more here!

The KB Quest Fan Deck is now available!  Learn more here.  Click here to download the Bits!
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