Sitting Ducks Gallery

Sitting Ducks Gallery™ Card Game is the new version of the popular Sitting Ducks Gallery game!  The object is to maneuver your ducks down the row and avoid getting in the line of fire!

Get your ducks out of the water before feathers start flying, because cards can target, shoot, or move the line in various ways!  If your birds of a feather can stick together and keep from getting hit, you could be the last Sitting Duck in the lake!

Contents:  101 Playing Cards, 6 Targets and Instructions in English, Spanish & French

Designer:  Keith Meyers


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How do you play Sitting Ducks Gallery™?

In Sitting Ducks Gallery, each player is given a color of duck they must protect.  The Duck Deck is shuffled and the first 6 cards are played onto the Duck Line.  Each player is dealt three cards from the play deck, and on their turn, they must play one card.  Some cards move the Duck Line, some cards force ducks to change places, some place targets on ducks, and of course, some shoot!  Only targeted ducks can be shot, so the race is on to keep your ducks off the line and out of harm’s way.  The player with the last duck left is the winner!

Sitting Ducks Gallery™ History

In 2005, Playroom Entertainment released the first edition of Sitting Ducks, and it received rave reviews.  Several years later, the game was updated and the Second Edition was released.  Since that time, Sitting Ducks has won multiple awards and reached an international status, with regular and deluxe editions and expansions in Chinese, French, German, and other languages.

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