Monkey Memory

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Basic Play:

Monkey Memory is a quick-thinking memory game in which players must remember what items have been shown, and determine which one is missing from the stack. Players are given a Solution Card with all ten items on it. A deck of cards, each depicting one of the items, is shuffled and placed in the center. One of the items is removed without looking, and set aside. A dealer turns over the remaining cards in the deck, one at a time, giving each player a chance to see them. After the deck has been shown, each player must place their thumb over the picture on their Solution Card of the item that is missing. That item is then revealed, and each player who guessed correctly gets a point.

Set up:

Each player is given a Solution Card. The Item Cards are separated into two identical sets, and depending on the difficulty level, up to five items are removed from them. One set is laid out face up for everyone to see, so that they know which items are available. The other set is shuffled, and the dealer removes one card at random. The rest of the cards are quickly shown sequentially, and players must determine which item is missing from the deck.

Number of Players:

For 2-8 players

Playing Time:

Approx. 15 minutes

Educational Value:

Encourages Concentration, Promotes Logical Thinking Skills, Builds Memory. Thick cards are durable enough to stand up under repeated play.

Ages: 5 to Adult