Trading Faces

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Basic Play

In Trading Faces™, players simultaneously pass Emotion Cards to the player on their left. When a player has collected three of the same Emotion Cards, they must make the expression shown on the cards, using only their face! Each opponent takes a guess, starting with the player to the left of the person making the face. The first person to guess correctly wins points, along with the player who made the face.

Set up

Each player is dealt cards, based on the number of players. For 3 players, each player receives 10 cards. For 4 players, each players receives 8 cards. For 5 players, each player receives 6 cards. (Note: There is a 2 or more player “memory” version of the game included in the rules.)

The remaining cards are placed face down in a draw deck.

Number of Players

2 to 5 Players

Playing Time

15 Minute Playing Time

Educational Value:

Teaches Emotional Expression, Collecting and Counting, Memory Skills

Ages: 6 to Adult