KB Quest: Conquest Adventure Combo

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Killer Bunnies Conquest is a follow-up to (and completely compatible with) the popular Killer Bunnies Quest card game series! This complete Collection contains all 275 conquest adventure cards, including the blue starter deck plus the yellow, red and violet booster decks, All in one box! Keep your bunnies alive, while eliminating your opponents’ bunnies with whimsical and sometimes very deadly weapons! Other players will stop at nothing to keep you from collecting carrots and taking the win, in this hilarious Game that is full of spoofs, parodies and hilarious references.

Change up your Killer Bunnies game with more cards, more Carrots, more mechanics, and more fun!

While hopping their way through the zaniness of Killer Bunnies Conquest, players’ bunnies search for the Magic Carrot, attempt to eliminate their opponents’ bunnies and try desperately to survive the backlash of their onslaught! With a creative mixture of merciless tactics, negotiations, threats, blackmail and subterfuge, you’ll be in for an utter delight of hilarious spite!

Can you keep from being attacked by the exotic Xanadude, or the outraged Lordzilla? Players may defend their bunnies with Raisin Hell or use Dragon Of Doom to devour an opponent! Full of comical spoofs, humorous parodies and hysterical pop culture references, Killer Bunnies Conquest will have you managing your resources, bartering with your enemies, and plotting your strategy (not to mention your revenge) on every turn!

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