Killer Bunnies Quest Steel Booster

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Regular bunnies will quiver and quake with the arrival of the Super Bunnies! These new bunnies give players die roll advantages, two card plays, and bunny color monopolies! The KB Quest Stainless Steel Deck adds higher level defense cards, which are necessary for the higher level weapons that are introduced as well!

Dated Weapons are brand-new (with strength levels that depend on the day of the month), as are cards such as Miracle Growth (which doubles your Clovers), Duck Tape (which allows you to launch multiple weapons at an opponent) and Happy Scrappy Hero Pup (who might just save the day)!

For 2 to 8 Players.

Designer: Jeffrey Neil Bellinger

Contents: 55 Large Cards, 10 Small Cards, 4 Red Card Stands and Instructions

Ages: 13 to Adult