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  1. Killer Bunnies Jupiter Red Booster

    Killer Bunnies Jupiter Red Booster


    Blast off in Killer Bunnies® and the Journey to Jupiter,™ the fast paced, action filled card and board game! Venture out to the dark depths of outer space to find the Magic Carrot and bring it back to Jupiter, before your opponents. On your journey, you must use bizarre and silly weapons to fight to keep your Bunnies alive, while trying to destroy your opponents’ Bunnies. This, of course, can get awfully ruthless, unpleasantly vicious, hilariously malicious, and more entertaining than you may have thought possible!

    Part card game, part board game and a whole lot of off-the-wall strategic fun - KB Jupiter introduces all new hysterical card references and images, while it brings Killer Bunnies into an entirely new dimension!

    The Journey to Jupiter™ kicks into space-warp speed with more deadly Beyea Aliens, more powerful ships and 3 additional sectors of space for your powerful Red bunnies to explore! The Laser Red Booster Deck includes 55 new cards, 5 new ships, 3 Pineapple markers, a Red 20-sided die and the planet Saturn

    Maybe you'll subject the players to a devastating Solar Flare or send your opponents' markers back into space with an annoying Cargo Blow! Don't get distracted by the 99 Red Balloons or slowed down by Sector Ah-Le-Thargy. Dirk's Caffeination may help move things along, and the Beings of Light may prevent a Cosmic Calamity!

    Even innocent fruit may have consequences, as you discover that our Pineapples have a rind of a different (and sometimes deadly) kind. With cunning and danger behind every asteroid, fun and good times will be hard to avoid. The Laser Red booster deck is definitely the thing -- it even includes the planet with the ring!

    For 2 to 6 Players, 90 Minute Playing Time.

    Designer: Jeffrey Neil Bellinger

    Contents: 3 Gameboard Sectors, 58 Large Cards, 5 Ships and Stands, 5 Markers, a Red Twenty-sided Die, the Planet Saturn and Instructions

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