KB Odyssey 3-Pack Combo Starter Deck - Heroic and Azoic

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Odyssey 3-Pack Combo Starter Decks allow players to jump right into the Ultimate Odyssey with enough cards, dice and scoring squres for three customizable decks. 

Play each color individually for up to three players or customize your own starters by mixing colors for the most versatile Killer Bunnies® experience yet!

The KB Odyssey 3-Pack Combo Starter Decks come in two different sets, so players can customize their decks or play right out of the box!

Created by Jeffrey Neil Bellinger

Contents: 180 Cards, 54 Scoring Squares, 9 Dice, 3 Limited Edition Promo Cards, and Instructions

For 1 to 3 Players, 30 Minute Playing Time, Ages 13 to Adult

KB Odyssey Starter Rules PDF 

In the ultimate race to build a bunny society on planet Earth, players are pitted against each other as they struggle to gain Civilization Points, by building cities and increasing their bunny populations. This 3-Pack Combo Starter for Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey allows players to jump right into the game with enough cards, dice, and scoring tokens for 3 customizable decks.

  • Includes Elementals, Energy and Technology Starter Decks
  • Includes 3 Limited Edition Promo Cards
  • Ages 13+
  • 2 to 3 players
  • 30 minute play time

Set up:

Each player begins with their own deck, either pre-packaged as a Starter deck or constructed themselves with a total of 60 cards. Each player also will have 3 dice and cardboard punchout tokens.

Players shuffle their own decks and deal 7 cards to themselves. Players must then decide on 2 cards from their hand to place into the Top and Bottom Run positions on the table, which will be their first and second cards that will be played in the game

Number of Players::

2 to 6 Players

Playing Time:

30 Minute Playing Time


13 to Adult

Game Design: 

Jeffrey Neil Bellinger

Educational Value:

Social Interaction Play, Great for Large Groups, Non-collectable, Constructible

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