M is for Mouse

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Basic Play:

All objects are shown in 2 different colors, however, always in different combinations: sometimes the teddy bear is yellow-green, sometimes it is green-yellow, sometimes it's red and blue, etc. No 2 objects on a card are the same, and each object is in different colors and in various locations from those on the other cards. Any combination of two cards always has one (and only one) object that is exactly identical in color. All players play at the same time as 2 cards are flipped over for all to see. All players race to quickly find the matching pair and say the name of the object and point it out. If correct, the first player takes one of the cards as a reward. Another card is then flipped over, and all players again try to find the match. The player with the most cards, when all run out wins.

Set up:

The 15 cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table. The oldest player begins by flipping over 1 card onto the table so that all players can easily see the objects on it. Then, the player flips over a second card and everyone begins looking for the pair. When a match is found, the player gets to take the card that was on the table the longest amount of time as a point, and a second card is then flipped over for the next round.

Number of Players:

For 2-8 players

Playing Time:

Approx. 15 minutes

Educational Value:

Encourages Visual Perception, Emphasizes Color & Pattern Recognition, Thick, Oversized Cards for Small Hands, Social Interaction Play and Endless Combinations of Replayability

Ages: 6 to Adult