M is for Mouse

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The Game of Starting Sounds! 

By Reinhard Staupe


Basic Play:

M is for Mouse is the letter-learning game that’s fun for everyone!  Each card has two different letters and two different objects on it.  Players must form pairs of cards, matching objects with their starting letter (for example, “A is for Apple”). Only an object and letter combination can form a pair; two of the same letter or object do not count.  There are three ways to play.



In the first version, players each have a hand of 3 cards.  3 more cards are placed on the table, and players must take turns finding pairs between a card in their hand and one on the table.  Each time they do, they cover up the letter or object on the card on the table, which cannot be used again.  Once a player is out of pairs to form, they are out of the game.


In the second version, cards are placed face up on the table one by one.  As soon as a player sees a pair, they point it out.  That player claims all but one of the face up cards as points.  Once the deck runs out, the player who has claimed the most cards wins.


In the third version, each player starts with a certain amount of chips.  8 cards are placed face down on the table.  The cards are turned face up simultaneously, and players race to find as many pairs as possible.  Each time a player finds a pair, they cover the letter with one of their chips.  Once all the pairs have been found, 8 new cards are turned over.  The first player to run out of all their chips wins.




6 years old and up, fun for all ages


Number of Players:

For 2-5 players


Playing Time:

Approx. 15 minutes


Educational Value:

Teaches Letter & Object Recognition, Fast-Paced Letter Perception, Early Phonetic Training

Ages: 6 to Adult