Monkey Memory

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A gang of monkeys have broken out of the zoo and stolen whole pile of items from the zoo's visitors! After all of the items are recovered, one is still missing. Keep your eyes sharp, because different item will be lost each round. Can you remember which item is missing?


Where's the coconut? Monkey Memory is an excellent speed memory game, made for kids but tough enough for adults. There are two sets of cards showing ten objects, a camera, a ball, a coconut etc. Select 7 objects, lay one deck out for all to see, shuffle the other deck and draw one randomly and hide it. Then deal the remaining six cards face up very quickly and cover the last with your hand. Players must now determine which card was removed. Think it's easy? No it's not! And to make it harder, simply add another picture to the mix, then another.

  • promotes logical thinking skills
  • strengthens memory skills
  • encourages concentration
  • fast-paced and fun
  • ages 5+

Created by Reinhard Staupe

Artwork by Oliver Freidenreich 

Monkey Memory Rules PDF

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