Right Turn, Left Turn

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Basic Play

In Right Turn, Left Turn, players must quickly follow 3 directions starting from 1 Officer Card leading to another. Each Officer Card (which is also known as a Destination Card) shows a symbol and an officer on it, facing either towards the players or away from them. The Direction Cards will show the symbol that corresponds with the Officer Card that the players should begin with. Then, (without speaking or using hand gestures) the players need to follow the directions and yell out the symbol on the Destination Card that the directions lead to. The challenge is that players must determine which way is left or right from the Officer’s point of view. Again, this is determined by noticing which way the Officer is facing, either towards the players or away from them.

Each time a player correctly states the Destination Card after following the directions, that player will receive the Direction Card at a point. The player with the most Direction cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Set up

The 7 Officer cards are randomly placed face up on the table and arranged in a circle. The feet of the Officers always point towards the center of the circle. The 21 Direction cards are shuffled and placed face down in the center of the circle.

Number of Players

For 2-8 players

Playing Time

Approx. 10 minutes

Educational Value

Encourages Critical Thinking Skills, Teaches Rights and Lefts, Challenging for Children and Adults, Social Interaction Play and Endless Combinations for Replayability.

Right of left - which way should you turn? Ask the traffic officers so you can learn. But be sure to figure out which way they're pointing you. Remember it depends on that officer's point of view. All players get the directions at the same time, the winner is the first to call out the right sign.

  • award winning
  • ages 6+
  • encourages critical thinking skills
  • challenging for children and adults
  • 2 to 8 players

Created by Reinhard Staupe

Right Turn, Left Turn Rules PDF

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