Sitting Ducks Deluxe

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Sitting Ducks Deluxe™ is the new edition of the popular Sitting Ducks Gallery game! The object is to maneuver your ducks down the row and avoid getting in the line of fire!

Get your ducks out of the water before feathers start flying, because cards can target, shoot, or move the line in various ways! If your birds of a feather can stick together and keep from getting hit, you could be the last Sitting Duck in the lake!

This Deluxe Edition has more Action Cards, including the “Birds of a Feather” Expansion deck, brand-new Ducks to play with, and new, hilarious card images.

Contents: 108 Playing Cards, 35 Duck Deck Cards, 6 Targets, Gameboard, and Instructions

Designer: Keith Meyers

Ages: 10 to Adult