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Slangology™ is the fantabulous, laugh-out-loud party game of slang definitions!

The exciting scoring system will keep everyone amped up, as you secretly place down votes of +2, +3 and even -1.

Will your funny and creative "definition" be convincing enough? Can you guess the real slang meaning?

You’ll never know what will come up in this hilarious, off-the-hook party game!

Contents: 800 Slang Words on 200 Cards, 8 Dry-erase Boards and Markers, 8 Letter Tokens, 24 Scoring Chips, a Score Board and Instructions

1. The Slangmeister reads a slang term from the card

2. Players create their own believable definitions

3. The correct slang meaning is mixed in with the choices

4. Try to figure out the real definition, while getting others to vote for yours!

Ages: 10 to Adult