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Fake News or Not?™ is the captivating game about phony funny stories and ludicrous true tales!  Life writes the craziest stories but what can we believe, and what is just a pack of lies?  Who is telling the truth, and whose pants are on fire?  Find it out with the game for know-it-alls, wiseacres, and lovers of interesting and trivial knowledge!

Find out which stories are lies and which are true to collect points and win the game!

Contents:  200 Double-sided Fake News Cards, 16 Voting Cards, and Instructions

Designer:  Reinhard Staupe

Cryptozoic, Playroom and Warner Bros. Announce Partnership to Bring Geek Out! The Big Bang Theory Edition

Los Angeles, CA – November 21st, 2016Cryptozoic Entertainment (cryptozoic.com) and Playroom Entertainment® (playrooment.com), in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television, are excited to announce The Big Bang Theory edition of Playroom’s top-selling party game, Geek Out!

See full press release here: Cryptozoic_Playroom_Geek Out PR_Final_112116.doc
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